Prototype: NATO Apps

Created for Covisint, to present to NATO.

As part of their GeoGlam project, Nato is looking for a way to support agriculture and farmers across the world.  These two app prototypes were created to present to them possibilities of how the Internet of Things could help both the government officials and farmers keep track of subsidies and crops in their area.    

The government version of the app is meant to be used as a way for agriculture officials to keep track of crops and subsidies in various regions of their country. It can also alert them to any potential problems or unusual activity in areas they oversee. 

On the farmer's app, we wanted to use IoT to provide precise information about the irrigation, soil levels, and growth of their crops. It would also provide information about pesticide, equipment and seed manufacturers, indicating which products would have the highest probability of yielding a good crop.  

These prototypes were the result of many conversations.  To the left, the first basic wireframes of the project are shown.  I put these together from the initial email request, and then presented them in conversation to try and fill in the knowledge gaps on the project.