Kayak App Redesign (Student Project)

A project I completed for my UX certification through Springboard.  In this prototype, I wanted to simplify the mobile checkout process for booking a flight on Kayak.  This was accomplished by reducing the number of steps the user has to take to search for flights, and by including the option to use credit card scan technology instead of having to manually input credit card information.

In the process of researching, I found myself annoyed by the way mobile ads were incorporated into the app, and decided to also design a less intrusive form of native advertising for Kayak.  At the time I made this, Kayak was always placing their ads as the first search result.  This is irritating to the user, who doesn't want to see an ad as their first search result after going through the effort of telling Kayak what they're looking for.  It also leads to banner blindness, if an ad is always in the same spot users will quickly learn to ignore that spot.  In this solution, the ads are unobtrusively interspersed through the search results.